Amazon Fire TV Remote App Reviews

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You can access Hulu, Netflix, as well as Amazon videos so thats a nice feature. The only negative thing is that the remote control seems not so responsive so I use the iPhone Fire TV app.


Very good !!

The future is here!!

First time writing a review on apps...this app is superb...very responsive voice reaction...super fast setup....easily worth than free! 5-stars!!

Works wonderfully

Often, my Amazon firestick tv remote application works fantastic from my phone!


Cut cable off

Fire Stick App Rocks

Great App. Couldnt live without it.

Excellent app

This is a great app not only does it save you money on getting the voice control so was able to save $10 but keyboard allows you to type in your search.


Way better then the remote with firestick. Makes typing much more user friendly

It was a dark and stormy night...

...and my Fire Stick still works. Updates to come.

Fire remote

Its cool and very handy.

Love it

Works great! Especially when I misplace the remote!


SOOOO awesome!! love this app! I find absolutely nothing wrong with it. so happy that it is free.


Never again will I have to search for that tiny remote that originally came with the fire tv. I am in love with this app and I hope this will become the future for all remotes

Bugs out a times

This app is an awesome app when it works properly. It periodically will dumb off the system if you have multiple fire sticks in the home.

Poor app

This app is supposed to control the Fire TV remotely. It sees the Fire TV but wont do much. Just play and pause. Search doesnt work. Almost totally useless.

Great App

Only been using this app for about a week or so. No problems with it. Takes a little to get used to using (look at tv screen when using not at phone). Great alternative when you dont have your remote or your phone is closer to you then your remote

Love it

No need to worry about dead batteries!

Great app

It only enhances the Fire TV stick experience.

Easy and convenient

Saves me the headache of the remote control

Great viewing

Enjoy viewing movies and TV shows on my Amazon Prime Firestick. Amazons own productions series are well made and directed.

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